“Humans are a meaning-making species”
(Brené Brown)

I love to teach communication tools for inner peace and cognitive serenity in everyday life; as counselor, as life-coach and as conflict mediator, helping to solve conflicts both within and between people; promoting kindness inside and outside.
I practice a “pragmatic spirituality”: if we focus our attention on what we already have, some say that we “attract” beautiful experiences; cognitive sciences call it “selective perception”. And it works: if we train us in gratitude our live improve. And we increase the quantity of gratitude in the world.

Scientific research aims for objective truths; storytelling and systemic counseling put things into relative perspective, without ever being „right or wrong“. Without struggling.

Artists have a special need to construct a resilient personality to withstand everyday frustrations: we can exercise kindness toward our own difficulties, empowerment and a healthy love towards both ourselves and others.

I love to support artists, projects and creative processes (film, theater, design etc.) and to find the resources behind conflicts.

We can learn to care rather than to blame.

Intercultural conflicts also arise in multicultural societies and families: different cultures carry different implicit expectations. Surprise, stress and anger can follow. Traditions and modern expectations of self-fulfillment can equally clash with our peace of mind and others.

Counseling and mediation can help solve problems together, or lead to a separation while remaining friends. This is crucial if we want to care best for our children.
We can learn to use an “ethnological view” in everyday-life and to experience (at least) cognitive serenity and kindness inside.

Mediation: Berliner Gesellschaft für Mediation