Cognitive serenity is a matter of training: we can learn to see situations from the point of view of others, and to simplify our life.

The most people searching a counselor are simply having problems in life and need support, one can feel better without any need to feel so bad before.

I can accompany and escort creative processes and art projects (film, theater, design) and help to see the resources hidden behind conflicts.
Creativity: bringing into being something that was not there before, a communicative process in relation to our inner parts and the universe around us.

What we are going to do:

Life design counseling
Systemic intervention & change management
Ad hoc (one-person or groups) seminars: empathy-sessions; reset-seminars;
Problem-solving and self-management for artists
Systemic solution-oriented counseling & mediation
Choose the direction in your life
Life-coach, counseling
Solution oriented counseling
Personalized consulting
School of life
Clear your life, conflict clearing
Transform problems in opportunities
Inner dialogue
Friend inside
Shuttle-Mediation, Shuttle-counseling (per e-mail and telephone)
Focus on solutions, goals and resources
Support, mentoring
Stress Management
Burnout and Mobbing immunization
Personal one-day Workshops
Ethnographic view
Life compass
Everyday peace
Self-improvement. self-empowerment
Courage- and Improvement-Session
Support Mentoring
Kindness inside