My books (italian language)

ebook “L’arte di essere felici e scontenti” (italian language)

Micro-ethics for Nice People (pdf)

In Spanish: La cabra canta, La libertad de elegir el lado bueno de la vida, Herder 2011

“…a practical recipe to try to revive the cognitive dimension of our emotions. Freedom and rationality are reconstructed through a dialogue that renounces any claim of safety or final certainty, as our life, basically, is but a continuous social experiment. Each day we reflect on what happens, we define its meaning and behave accordingly. The goal is to live better with ourselves and with others. Through fifty-two cases of „anthropology of the everyday“, Ludovica Scarpa brings us to the discovery of an attentive, impartial and ethnographic way to look that allow us to guide our choices and resolve conflicts, providing a renewed confidence in our abilities and the possibility to establish a constructive dialogue with others.“ (from Herder’s Homepage).

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Jack Kornfield, The wise Heart. A Guide to the Universal Teachings of Buddhist Psychology, Bantam Books 2008